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   I. Mixed Valence Transition Metal Oxides (MVTMO)

  • Development of simple route to synthesize mixed-valence transition-metal oxides (MVTMO).

  • Study optoelectronic and electronic properties of the MVTMO through the change of composition of mixed-valence transition metals.

  • Synthesize MVTMO/polymer composites for smart systems.  

  • Investigation of the MVTMO's heterogeneous catalytic activities. 

  II. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for energy-related applications using their catalytic activities

  • Challenges for synthesizing MOFs having good charge mobility to enhance MOF's catalytic activities and charge transport abilities. 

  • Development MOFs based novel electro- or photoelectro-chemical energy devices. 



  III. Molecular networks of an organometallic complex with metal-metal bonds

  • Expansion of metal-metal bonds to form a massive network for efficient catalysts or novel devices. 

  • Study of charge transport between metal-metal bonds and organic semiconductors. 







  IV.  Producing the nanostructured materials in massive scale for future real applications

  • We are developing various technologies to produce new functional nanostructured materials in bulk scale for next-generation energy-related devices and smart devices such as self-assembly, printing technologies, etc.

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