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Principle Investigator


Prof. Seok Min Yoon

Associate Professor

Functional Nanostructured Materials Laboratory

Department of  Chemistry,

Wonkwang University 

Tel (Office) : 82-63-850-6225 

E-mail :

Graduate students

- Ph.D. Course


Jongwon Oh

Research : 1. Networking quadruple bonds between metal atoms 

                    2. Metal-oxides phosphors and electronic devices.                    

E-mail :

- M.S. Course


Sojeong Lee

Research : Synthesis of mixed-valence oxides and modulation of their electronic                            and optoelectronic properties.

E-mail :


Kangmin Lee

Research : Photocatalyst and neuromorphic devices

E-mail :


Jinho Kim


Research : Electrocatalyst for chemical energy generation.

E-mail :

Undergraduate students

이진 증명사진.jpg

IJin Jang

E-mail :


Byeong-Yong Jeong M.S. - Dongjin Semichem Co., LTD.

Gyeongeun Hyun M.S. - Techcross

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